The Problem With Leaders And Likes


Ever since Kiwicute2016 and Poptart0219 got promoted leaders, everybody and been asking to be a leader. I'd love to be one myself, but, they're not fair.


Leaders are chosen by the Hospcotch Team, so they have favorites, right? NO.

The Hopscotch Team chooses mature people who are willing to help the community, but here's the problem: they get top-secret stuff that we don't, and are showing off their new skills by testing them out. I'm not blaming anybody, but, have you ever heard this song by John Lennon? He says that what if the world shared everything and there were no countries or possessions? It's unfair.


Okay, so, people are losing likes all the time for no reason. Why can't we all get everlasting likes so we don't complain? We like making people happy by liking and don't wanna waste posts! We can't, because Discourse is grumpy. Bot hot bottity BOT! I'd love a million likes a day.

Higher trusts levels get more likes and abilities which is kind of unfair to people under Regular and stuff like that, because we don't even need stupid LOUNGE! It's just some stupid chat box for Regulars and above.

So, what is wrong with Discourse forums? You know.

This is just my opinion don't get mad at me.


Whoa! Great points! However, I respectfully disagree.:wink:

With the leaders: People who are mature enough to take be a leader deserve the extra things! If we all could do what they could do, the forum would be a madhouse!

Likes: The limit is to prevent a tsunami of likes on every post. If everyone had unlimited likes, then they would lose their value, just like money!

The lounge is actually a cool place where you can talk about things with others who are trusted. I use it to share information I only want some to know about!



@Gilbert189 I respectfully agree.


Read this! I asked @sam why our forum lags sometimes.

Note: SilverTinsel is @CreativeCoder
I am AnonymousPerson

What's the reason: we like too much and fast xD


Great point @Gilbert189!


Because I've been a leader for a day, I don't know what everything does, so it is rightful for us to test them out :wink:


People like leaders more because they usually post more helpful stuff than the rest of us/ Things that contribute more to the discussion


Also stupid is a bit too strong for the Lounge, some people use it I guess sometimes


I agree with everything typen here.


@Follow4LikesOfficial, off topic, but you sound really different when talking(err.. typing) on the Discourse forum than here.


Because most of them are adults. We're kids here :stuck_out_tongue:


Leaders are allowed to get top secret stuff because they are respected, and hackers could easily just make an account, and destroy the community with the Leader's powers.


@Gilbert189 stealing my signature


The lounge is pretty much used when regulars chat about things such as being a regular or questions that they don't need everybody replying and saying "ummmmmmmm"


My dad always tells me


we wouldn't learn to be stronger, or deal with any hard things if life was fair
Nothing is fair.
Look out the window, and look at a tree. You think it's fair for that tree? It's looking at us, thinking we are ridiculous saying life's not fair. Think off all the good things you have, forget the bad things.
Ok I just had a wise owl moment lol


We could handle a much larger volume of likes, however removing all limits devalues likes. If everyone has infinity money, money stops having value.

Our default limits are battle tested, that said @admins here can raise the value if they see fit.

Regarding "lag" we isolated the issue and fixed it 4 or so days ago, have not noticed any issues in the logs since.


@sam on some topics, I have seen little lag, but noticeable and enough to get on my nerves. I forget which topics, but I think it was ones with 70+ replies. Is this just massive activity?


If you have a repro or a link, shoot it over to me.


I agree, especially on the topic with 8000+ replies (that probably why...), it sometimes forces me to close the tab and reopen. Not too hard, but irritating.


@sam is this a good place to say another bug, or should I go to Discource Meta?


You can report bugs on meta, but please always try reproducing them as clearly as possible on first to ensure they are not specific to this configuration.

The clearer the steps to repro the issue the better.