The problem about "Who follows Who" Topics



Again, I'm writing this because I've been seeing and increase of the number of topics asking who follows who.

To be honest, this is fairly common among new forum users. But over time, it starts getting annoying to some people seeing these kind of stuff on the forum.


The Forum is for learning from others and listening to other's opinions.

Also, over time, they start to mature and understand how to use the forum PROPERLY.

You might think *"This whole time, you said nothing can be stopped completely! Now you're sayin th-"

STOP! PAUSE, collaborate and listen! (Keralis Reference)

This topic is just all about the problems you might face when seeing these stuff.

Moving onto the main point:

  1. It hurts seeing these stuff
  2. It might be annoying to some
  3. Clogging the forum, it is
  4. What do you learn from it? Huh?
  5. But everyone matures over time, so i guess it reasonable

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  • Good

  • Soso

  • Meh

  • NaH (Sodium Hydroxide)



Most people voted "NaH (Sodium Hydroxide)" for the pun!


I agree. Great topic! ô•ô


Off Topic

my cousin watches him :P

Off Topic

Is that a Yoda reference?


I agree with you it doesn't matter who follows who


I agree completely! It doesn't matter who follows follows you! But some people are just curious! :D


Is true, dat statement
These types of topics can get people to get jealous of each other or feel bad because a hyper-famous Hopscotcher started unfollowing them or maybe a dude you really like on the forums and follows you on hopscotch forgets to put your name in the 'who I follow' list!
This topic is wonderful, everyone needed a reminder.
After all, how is who follows who helping anyone?


I guess humor really DOES make people read topics too!

Adding that to my list...

But from all of your replies, you all seem positive!


You have a list?


You're going all Yoda on us!