The Problem About Trending!



Now, before everyone goes around saying search before you post, listen to this. I know there have been hundreds of topics made about this but there was never a good conclusion. I'm making this topic with the hope that the Hopscotch Team will see it and change the way projects go into trending. For instance, someone remixed a project and didn't add anything to it. Trending. Someone made a project with very little code and its second highest in trending. I see people that make amazing games. Trending, or even rising?


Is anyone ever going to do something about this?

But don't get me wrong, there are also some well-coded projects on Trending and Rising too!



Trending is an automated feature. THT doesn't change anything in it


They're the ones that made it. Can't they change it?


Yeah. There was this one project of a heart drawing a spiral. It was made by THT, but still


They can change it, but why would they? Trending would become like rising, and that's not really what we want. Trending is just what's popular amongst the hopscotchers.


Lol I invited system to this topic!



True dat. THT cannot control what is in trending,


Ok....... Now I finally understand, it's all becoming mmoooooore clear now


Can't like :heart:


I thought it used to be you go onto Rising first, then you go onto Trending. Woops :flushed:


Hmm. I can kind of agree with you. But, on trending, they show projects that the community enjoys. It's interesting seeing what they like! Sometimes projects that shouldn't be up there get up there, but it's just there to show everybody what is popular at the time!


@Kiwicute2016 said something about this but I forgot what topic


I'm pretty sure I said a lot of things :sweat_smile:.

Trending is what the community enjoys and likes. It's based on a complicated algorithm which tallies the number of likes, plays, and branches in a certain period of time.

For example, if a project that had 100 likes, 500 plays, and two branches in one hour, that project is going to have a much higher chance of being on top of Trending rather than a project that also has 100 likes, 500 plays, and two branches, over the course of a week.


That's what you said. Also here's a like :heart:

17 more minutes


YES!!!! Another topic about this!!!! You should see the "Featured Projects" Topic. I totally agree with you. Peopel need to spend more time on projects so it actually is worth playing, and second why are the 5 minute to make projects on such high channels. Threre are some where I could take a featured project, and replace it with another project that deserves the spot. The slow-mo Donkey Kong is not fun and hard. It was well made, but why was it featured? Why wasn't the regular fun donkey kong put on featured instead. Not only that, but the same hopscotchers get featured over and over again. They are awsome coders and all, but I feel like Hopscotch doesn't search hard enough. It's like "Oh, I wonder what MagmaPOP finished today. Lets feature it because MagmaPOP is awsome." I think MagmaPOP is awsome, but I feel like its not fair. Its just, why????


Yes! So true! I've got no problems with any popular people, it's just an unpopular person works on a complicated project for days, and a popular person works on a small project for 5 minutes.BOOM the popular Hopscotcher's project is on trending


And now people agree with me. I'm not against the popular Hopscotchers. I'm just unnoticed. Like many others. And then I'll make the first real Hopscotch game that will blow minds will be alover the forum. That should save me. I'll try to get a screen shot. I'm not that far yet.