The Problem About Gossip



This is 99.9999999999{a million more nines} % related to hopscotch.
I've noticed that there are about 500 people on the forum, but still so many people that are on Hopscotch don't have a forum account! But that doesn't mean that they can't see what you post... Maybe you all have really gossiping experience. It's the same online- but ANYBODY IN THE WORLD CAN SEE IT! These things you do online can affect your future! Maybe a college you are going to go to sees it and gets a pretty bad impression... But I know you guys don't mean it, but those people you are gossiping about can most likely check the forum!
So just a friendly reminder,

no gossip!

I'm new with this

Oh so so very true-
I remember when people were talking about my Meme project not being feature worthy, and people were talking about it like I didn't even exist ( I didn't have a forum account back then)


That meme project was awesome!
Yeah, it really brings you down when people think that they are getting away with something... But they aren't...
It's actually kinda funny now that in thinking about it!


This is a awesome topic! :D

10th like! :P


I stood up for you lol :sunglasses:


Like a boss :vulcan:🏽


Yeah! I'm picturing a person reading all the comments without an account


so true! my mom told me all about how when your at a college interview thingy that the llook at EVERYTHING you have done online! this is a great post!! 10 billion :heart:


And what if they do come on the forum later? Boom.


True everybody keeps saying I'm the one who always closes the drawing topic and they say my post gets flagged to close it and they try and stop me from being myself here.


Maybe you should keep all the Harrypotternes to yourself and not be like

Tchtucftuutcutcutfvtjvgjvgjchfhtctcugjvhjbhbkjnhjhnhjnhjn with stuff on there.
No offense tho




Un <'ed your message.

We get you love HP, but it clutters the Hopscotch forum.


Well, it's just......

I'm the only kid who reads Harry Potter in my school and kids are like "Yeah I've seen all the movies" how come you don't read the books then?! Only one girl other than me reads HP but she has only read the order of the Pheonix and hasn't even finished it. HP is my happy place because...



Dum'b is censored for a reason, friendship.


Why? It's not like dumb is that and of a word.



This is the thing that my doctor says, don't post anything you would not like to show your grandma!!


Yes, @friendship2468 my love of Harry Potter is un breakable...
But sometimes it's helpful to a .lt of us if he isn't discussed at all.


Very true. It's scary when you really really think about it sometimes🤔:frowning:


Well it actually won't effect us if you don't put your name in hopscotch so your argument is invalid