The Problem About Flagging



Hello. My name is liked21! I have recently been getting my posts flagged and removed from the community minutes after I make/post them.

I’m starting to get mildly frustrated with this forum for one reason and one reason only.- The way the flagging system works.

So about 10 minutes before this post is being made, I had created a new topic called “Which is better? Hopscotch, Tickle, or Scratch?”. Minutes later I get a message from Liza saying yet again, one of my posts has been flagged for “spam”. I don’t understand what spam means to others on this forum. To me, “spam” means repeatedly saying the same or similar concept in a public chat room, making it hard for others to continue their chatting experience. To hopscotch forums and people that use it, spam means saying a joke or something.

So I don’t know if someone is just doing this to annoy me, or I’m actually breaking the Community Guidlines. Yes, I have read the guidelines. And I will admit, I have probably broken a rule or two. But hey, people make mistakes. Especially newcomers to the forum (like me).

Whoever is flagging my posts and is causing me to have a bad day, please stop. It is very frustrating and upsetting to put 10 minutes of my time writing out a topic just to have it removed in 5.

I you read all the way down here, you are awesome. This is by far the longest topic I have made so far. :slight_smile:


I wish that the automated message would at least tell you who flagged you instead of just saying the “community” did it. It would save me lots of hassle.


Hi there @Liked21,

Sorry to hear about your problem with spam flagging.

Sometimes people flag for spam if you’ve created a lot of unnecessary topics in quite a short amount of time (not saying that all your topics have been unnecessary btw).

For example, the topic you have listed could have been a simple poll you post in a general topic or something similar so you don’t clog the forum with too many topics.

A suggestion you could keep in mind for the future is many don’t create so many topics in such a short time span. This may get you flagged more often for spam.

Enjoy the rest of your time on the forum and sorry for the really long post. Feel free to ask me for any other queries you may have ~~


I see what you mean about the random Topics clogging up the Forums. I’m just kinda confused because they can just simply give me a PM about how I need to move my random Topics over to my GT… it would make a lot of confused, new people (me kinda) feel more welcomed instead of being unwanted on a public forum, by being blocked or flagged by the community.


This forum blocks PM’s between other forumers.

The easiest way to tell someone that their topic is irrelevant and not relating to the purpose of the forum (and should probably go on a general topic) is by posting a reply to the topic saying something like, “hey, this is the kinda thing that should go in a general topic.”

Some people find it easier to just flag for ‘off topicness’ or ‘spam’

Yeah, it is frustrating to get flagged and no one explains why you have been.

Hopefully I’ve been helpful in your queries…


First! (sorry) Yes, that’s very frustrating. The reason they don’t say who flagged you is because they don’t want a actual spammer to hate on that person. A similar thing happened to me the other day when I tried to talk to someone in their general topic and was flagged for …spam?


Basically don’t clog up the forum by creating so many topics in one day


Hello there @Liked21
I am sorry to hear that you are being spam flagged. I used to be spam flagged by people, most people think it’s a joke but it really isn’t. If you keep having a problem contact THT or Liza (the forum’s mods) and see if you can get the problem fixed.


Hi, @Liked21

Spam-flagging is terrible, and something that should be stopped. Although I agree with you that it would be nice to see who flagged you, it is sort of an invasion of privacy to mention a name when a person is not present. I think it would also require a level of software that the forum just doesn’t have at the moment.

But I totally understand where you are coming from, and I am sorry to hear this. If you find that pretty much all of your topics are getting flagged, I would take @HopscotchRemixer’s advice and contact THT, because that is very unfair to you! I just wanted to say that I really like all of your topics, and I think they are really well-written and unique, compared to what some other’s on the forum have been creating! Great job, and hang in there!


Thanks! I hope I can enjoy this forum more. And I also hope that The forum does update or adds anything to let it do that. Because a lot of times, I suggest something for the forum and most people tell me it wouldn’t be possible because the forum didn’t have the right software for it.

Aww ty <3


Lots of very well thought out, well written replies! Thank you everyone for their support <3


I mostly say “Please don’t flag my post” at the bottom of my post. So yes, I think someone was pulling a joke on me. But I isn’t really funny to get someone in trouble for something that I didn’t do wrong.



Also you probably should email Liza to help also I undertsand i got spam flagged it was really annoying! Lets hope the flagging stops!:grinning:


We all know it’s anonymous