The Prickly Hedgehogs




I've chosen all of you for specific reasons!

SmishSmash- Neat, organized project layout, cool ideas, good games
SnowGirl Studios- good ideas, very good coding skills
Ruby Stars-awesome emojitecture and leave a trail skills
Renegade Bird- awesome text art, amazing ideas
Dancing lollipop- AMAZING pixel art, leave a trail
Cherry cupcake- AMAZING with values and games
Sparzy (chi tea) - great ideas, sin and cos, and code
Giraffedolphin-awesome music, text art, and drawing pad skills!



happy with this team, and I know we can win this!




I realized that if you use a capital i it looks like an L, and it goes through the bad word filter for gmaiI


Thats nice


I give you MULTIPLE challenges.


Wait, can you post it again please?


Also, can you guys put this in watching?


Yep! Its now forever in my watching


Same :wink: @SnowGirl_Studios


Sin and cos is me playing with numbers and blocks that I don't know how to use xD


Well, that's a step ahead of me XD
I just make dots and lines when I sit down and say:
Sin and cos


Yeah, us too.


But don't tell anyone! They have to think I'm amazing :0


Lol your secret is safe shhhh


I'm reading this, you know.


Secrets safe with me :wink:


Thanks! :D
I'm putting this in watching...
(Quote for email)


Don't have a hs email .-.
Also thanks for saying that about me!

Off topic:

@LotsaPizza thanks for adding me back on!


It's ok! I'll find a way to communicate...


@DancingLollipop just use this if you can