The "positive domino affect" and the "inpostive domino effect"


Hi! I've seems a lot of the positive domino effect recently so I decided to do this so everyone can do it!

Dominos work when something pushes it over and the rest of them fall right? That's sort of how these work.

the positive domino effect

The positive domino effect is where a person does something nice say, IRL someone helped open a door for me and I helped open the door for someone else and it goes on and on and on.
On the forum, say someone said something nice to @Intellection74 then @Intellection74 said something nice to @MobCraft who said something nice to @KVJ and on and on.
That's what we want.

inpostive domino effect and rumors

The inpostive domino effect is were someone does something mean and you do something me to someone else. Short things short XD!

Rumors are nasty little things that may not actually be true. IRL billy threw up. Everyone talks about it. IRL Sandra doesn't like bully so she says bully pooped in his pants then everyone passes it around and it makes drama. Maybe in the forum someone made up that user1 hates user2 and everyone passes it around!

Guys lets #spreadpositivitydominoeffect



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