The Positive Club! :D



Welcome to the Positive Club!

Founded by Ihasfluffycupcakes on 4/6/16

How to Sign Up :D

All you need to do is comment your hopscotch username and when you joined hopscotch! If you joined recently, don't worry, you can still be in :)

What we do!

In the positive club, we have too:

  • Spread positivity through the forum and hopscotch
  • Stop flame wars and other negative, rude, things
  • Set good examples for newcomers (on hopscotch or the forum) and help them.

Current Members of Club:


SpreadPositivity- Anonymous

Can I join? :smile:
:D :D


Can I join? I joined HS in November 2015 :D


Totally! when did you join hopscotch and what's your hopscotch username?

EDIT: oops u can join I didn't see your bio


raises hand
May I join?


Can I join!? :D
Positivity is one of my favorite things! :D


I know you are KawaiiPixie, so u can join :slight_smile:


I joined in October, and my username is the same. Thank you so much for letting me join! :D


Can I please join!!! I love making others smile!!! THE FEELS!!! Okay I am KawaiiAnimeLuver and I started Hopscotch in October 2015!


So much people joining! :D


Yay!!! Thanks so much!!! ........ THE FEELS!!! ( Sorry I'm really crazy in real life... )


Can I join? I joined in September 2015 as SenseiCoder​:heart_eyes_cat:!


Can I join?
HS username: EnchantedHopscotcher
When I Started HS: December, 2015


You are in! :wink:


Can I join? I love spreading positivity!! Kitkat26​:joy::purple_heart: Joined December 2015. Sorry don't know exact date!!


@EnchantedAnimallover and @Kitkat26 sure!


Yeah!! Thanks so much!


AwesomeBlossom​:grinning: Is my username can I join @Ihasfluffycupcakes
March 2016 is my account one, but with on old Accounts it's last year!


I have decided that if I like your post, you are in :slight_smile:


Yay!!!!!! Thanks! :blush: