The Popularity Issue



So I've seen a lot of projects saying that they are leaving because they aren't popular, or they don't get any followers or likes.

Also people are complaining about how some of their remixes get more likes then their original projects. They claim that when the "Popular" people remix it, they get more likes, and the original authors don't like it. They think it's not right and the "Popular" people are stealing the projects.

What's up with this popularity issue?

Have you ever experienced this? Do you care about likes and remixes? Are they the reason you Hopscotch? Do you like it when people remix your projects?



I haven't experienced this but I've seen realfunky63 new ac. Do exactly this he remixes projects from crying laugh funky63:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: and many more popular hopscotchers I've talked to him and he still haven't stopped Although now he puts "remix" whenever he remixes something but he doesn't change anything and the REMIXES gat even more popular then the original this is very annoying


Oh, you must be quite new then. That mine craft builder was a collaboration between the two of them. (I've been around since the beginning of Hopscotch!)

Funky was just trying to show more Hopscotchers a project that he thinks is cool! He is "Featuring" them on his page, or at least that's what he said. I think that's a great honor to be featured by funky!
And Funky63:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: and Funky new ac. are the same people.


I started in April as "thegabester" so not really


And he copy's off of crying laugh and magma pop and never changes a thing and calls it his own

Continuing discussion on Popularity

Were you there for the REHOP REMIX project? The Hopscotch Team said that you can Remix someone's project that you really like and want to show off without changing a thing, but you had to write remix or REHOP after it!


I heard of that but I don't think I was on my iPad when that happened and real funky63 new ac. just started putting remix after his projects that he remixes


Do you know that funky is from Greenland? He doesn't have the best English, so it might be confusing:wink:


Yes I knew that @Kiwicute2015


@Gabe_N I think the ones that Funky 63 publishes from CryingLaugh are actually collaborations between them both, like the Minecraft project :smiley:

On this issue, I think that if someone is remixing and adding features to your projects then that's totally fine and you should be pleased someone's adding their ideas to help make your project even better. I don't Hopscotch for plays and hearts but it is encouraging when you see "t1 liked your project" for example. I absolutely love it when people do remix my projects!! I love seeing what they added and their ideas.

Hearts and plays aren't everything but they are encouraging. We should just create for fun and if we're enjoying it, then other people will too! And it just takes time for everyone to get to see each other's projects and thousands of Hopscotch projects are published everyday, which is why it's difficult for people to get noticed and for other people to check out what they've made.

I think one thing though is that when people do have a lot of hearts, followers, features or trends and things like that, maybe they should just be more considerate when thinking about other Hopscotchers. Often people post how many followers they have and it's totally great for them, but how might this make other people feel? A lot of the time it's what makes people feel sad they don't have followers ):

So if we all just be patient, considerate and have fun coding, everyone will have a great time coding no matter how popular or not they are :slightly_smiling:


About the t1 liked your project, I was like jumping when I saw you liked my fashion game :laughing:. Anyways, @Kiwicute2015 I think "popular" people remix a project because they thinks it's AMAZING and really cool! That's what I do sometimes :wink:


Yes it is a really cool honor! Some times it is a little annoying just not when funky 63 does It...


Exactly! I totally agree with both @PopTart0219, and @KiwiCute2015. Popularity doesn't matter! Everyone's popular if they get a like on something. Begging and whining just makes people want to avoid you. You'll get NOWHERE with begging.


I've had this done to me. I hopscotchers remixed my projects, made not changes and didn't give me any credit. I was mad at first, but I'm over it. If I whine about every little thing, I'd be no where. I'm not the biggest fan of funky 63, but that dosnt mean I think he's not a good coder. Hopscotch shouldn't be turned into a popularity contest.


Yes!! I can definitely agree!! Hopscotch helps you LEARN how to code. Always try to offer help to the people who don't understand!! These projects are not cool, but always offer help if they don't understand coding! :wink:


I Shall Not Be Names remixed my 3D Lipstick project. It was the first one ever made on hopscotch! He got all the likes and thank yous and nobody even bothered to click on my name!


I would ignore it. Yes, it is annoying, but just push through :wink:


another issue-if i get alot of feautured projects, people consider me a bully.


Your not. I've been bullied, and your not doing anything wrong :wink:


You're, not your

@PopTart0219 grammar please thx