The 'Popular' and the 'Unpopular'



I wanted to say that I find that it's super annoying that some people are so 'Popular' and when they ask for a CP everyone wants to be it but when an 'Unpopular' person tries SUPER HARD on a project practically NOBODY sees it, only 2 or 3 and if they leave nobody cares or notices. It happens with me on Hopscotch. And if someone really 'popular' leaves, it goes on 'Trending' or 'Rising' and they just do it for more attention. If your 'Popular' then think about others not only thinking about yourself!


I totally, definitely agree. I see all the time amazing projects on Hopscotch that only 11or 10 people liked!


@Laura I know right?!


But I don't know what we should do, I mean we can do shoutouts but probably everyone Is gonna ignore us. Do you have an idea @Crazy ?


If you see these projects, you can Nominate them for Featured! There's a topic for that that anyone can nominate in!


Not really, but we could ask the Hopscotch Team to be more 'inclusive' to others...


@KVJ thanks...:wink:
I'll do that next time


No prob! Happy to help!

Also, shoutouts can be useful too! There may even be topics on the forum for shouting out, and you can make projects shouting out to awsome Hops too


Yeah but do u have quite a lot of followers??? If you do they will probably help SHOUTOUT, but if you don't they won't SHOUTOUT that person...


I have some, but not many… I think…

And yeah, followers can help, but you don't need followers on the forum!


True but still...
What's your HOPSCOTCH account name?

  • Huggingfluffybear's popular
  • Huggingfluffybear's not popular



Why are you asking that?


Mine's KomplettverrĂĽcktjunge!

(Just search Dino, my project should be first or so, and there you can find me)


It's just to see about popularity if I am popular!


My HOPSCOTCH ACCOUNT is: Crazy​:crystal_ball:
But it's super hard to find:(


Lol crazy is literally my middle name...
Literally, the V means VerrĂĽckt which is German for crazy...


Yea, I learnt a bit of German some time ago... Are u German or do u live there?


I live in the snowless UK! I learn German at school!


Bye, GTG to sleep:/ Good night whomever lives in EUROPE!!!