The pokéhop topic!



So I decided my Pokemon go game weren't good enough so I'm making a normal Pokemon game! Credit to changeovers for map with special delivery so it will,take a long time! Any help is much appreciated!

If you want more screenshots then I can!


Can someone make me text art Pokemon?
If you do I'll put you in the credit section


Mhm, I can.

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That's a hard question. However, try to always post stuff related to the topic.





Cool! I am making a pokemon sun/moon contest. Would u like to enter ur game in there?


Hi! Great idea about planning it out on paper. I do that sometimes. It's a great stratagy!


Well that's if I finish it in time!



Screenshot of the day!
Actuall gameplay


Any suggestions?
Other than stuff like Pokemon spawning or gyms
I'm working on those

Also a poll

  • Tell me my upcoming updates to this!
  • Don't tell me them! I want it a secret


Votes are public.


Maybe make the terrain a little more detailed?


Yeah I'm working on that!
I'll put like roads and grass




U should put how many pokemon the person has!


Ok list for update

V.1 Pokemon spawning!
V2 Bug fixes(boring!)
V3 Gyms! See your Pokemon
V4 more gyms/Pokemon
V5 customise trainer