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Oh, ur back!

U wanna go to my general?


Sure! And yeah, that idea is EPIC.. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



Cya there


How about just making a Rube Goldberg contraption!? I've always found those to be super fun (and they really help develop skills of creativity & innovation w/o needing to make something "real")



Thank you for some tips!


eyyy its been a long time… sooooo… BUMP!


im getting more for christmas


Cool! I have LittleBits on my wish list too and I hope to get a Temperature Sensor and connect it to my Bargraph or my Voltage Meter bits and hopefully be able to make a working thermometer if that is possible.


woah woah woah


i know theres light sensors but ive never heard of the heat one??


I saw that just now (yesterday), you can buy both LittleBits Kits and the bits themselves at the LittleBits website. I have a CloudBit for example, which you can buy as an individual bit. The CloudBit can be controlled from the internet whenever it is on and connected to a WiFi. Here is a link to the LittleBits site where you can see the invidual modules and the available kits:


eyy i was at a store and found this

what is this?


:thinking: I don’t actually know. It looks like it has integrated LED lights on it, at least, and if I only saw the top, I’ll guess that it is a battery holder for C batteries, but as there are ICs and LEDs on the bottom, I am not really sure.


my dad thinks it’s a security device


Okay, maybe you could look for it on Google? Where did you buy it? In an electronic store?


this kinda looks like a micro chip part!


I didnt buy i found it at an H&M


Okay, I thought that you bought it. Interesting.



i AM sO hAppy



Cool! I got some LittleBits this Christmas as well :slight_smile:


wireless remote control car… thing… (insert dab)