The place where inventors can be!



I want to be an inventor and engineer, but I dont really know the basics.

I like to plan stuff out (blueprints and stuff), but I dont know how to make them

But for those who do know, we can talk about what we've thought of, and other stuff we've made!

Some really easy rules :3333

No copying.
No using other people's ideas, unless they give you permission
No bragging

Quotes and Stuff

Boredom is the mother of creativity - I forgot who
Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating - Steven Roberts


make a chandelier that is the shape of a nose


Well, I don't really know if this counts as an invention, but I've taped three crayons together.


I think inventing things are like coding - you have to make it before you can use it. You have to solve problems. And when you make something good - people will enjoy trying it. In fact, coding and inventing things are really similar to each other. I like building things, but I have not made an "invention". Just some builds with LittleBits (look it up on Google) and Raspberry Pi. Well, that counts as inventions. I will list those inventions here later.


Great idea for a topic, @Elemental_Cat! I am going to try and keep it active ;)

I have tons of ideas when it comes to inventing stuff. I'll share some as I remember them


I has made an invention I call it the COOLIO WAY TO MAKE A MINECRAFT SERVER it's a full list of how to make a real online minecraft server with custom plugins FOR FREE! I just have to right it down.... FYI it works I made it myself by reading


Thank you, @MR.GAM3R!


I have little bits!
I only have the starter kit tho ;-;


Im working on a constellation projector!



Are you doing that using LittleBits?
I have the starter kit and around 10 extra modules.


Yep, i am.

All i need is a toilet paper roll


Cool! Can you tell me about the result when you are done? (Tag me)



Itll take laik, 20 or 30 mins. It shouldnt take long!



It failed, so i threw it away.
[not the LittleBits, of course]

(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
Me rnw↑

i feel so usless



I feel so dead...
Im out of ideas.


ooh I was thinking about some things that I thought I would like for Hops to hear/know about.

but just for now, when inventing comes to mind, I think I have heard many say that failure is part of the process particularly with inventing :relaxed:


It is!
Boredom is the mother of creativity!
- Idk who


Ooh, that also reminds me of another quote:

Necessity is the mother of invention.

— that often ideas spring from when a need arises.


Hai there inventors/engineers!

IDK what to do for a next project.
I'm taking ideas as long as they can only use recycled items (water bottles, milk cartons, paper utensils/plates

Thank you, dudes!


Made a sculpture using wet, mushy, recycled paper mixed with shredded milk cartons...I really don't know...