The Place for Bored Hopscotchers (STAY ON TOPIC)





There are already some drafts, and there's probably already a waffle maker project made, but, @RobotPro, we can make a waffle maker where you do more and actually decorate the waffle and you could have a chocolate waffle. . .Hey, speaking of waffles, I am literally having some right now!




Can she join our we can change our name!!


Well, I think we are going to have to change our username to "MYD and Tankt2016's Coding Partner And Collab Place".


Let's just have it be called Our Collab Place
Want me to change it and you tell the other people


Anyone want to join the Crafters Club?

We'll be making cool stuff eventually. This club kind of stopped a long time ago, so I'm reviving it.


Sure! Well, how about since the collabs are with me and you, let's call it "MYD And Tankt's Collab Place"?


Can you change it, Thanks!!!


Does anybody know how to make your leav a trails move like you make a circle with a leave a trail can you make it move is so tell me how please im making a game filled with leave a trail.


@Trishaxoxo Instead of moving forward a lot you also have to change X an Y positions!!


I am very ignored and i ■■■■ at hopscotch :unamused:


What are the four squares? Please put a - in the middle of it or a space, that's what I do.


I was saying i kind s u c k at hopscotch


I'm bored.




Does anyone have any feedback for my new profile background? I know I've said this five times already, but it's a new style and I need some opinions.
For those who don't know, it's me on the left and Mi on the right.


It's amazing! But a little too light-colored, I suggest doing bolder colors.

^I'm very artsy and a color fanatic.^


I'd say more "unknown" than ignored.
If you're ignoring someone who's being nice to you, go apologize.
But anyway, before I make an edit to the title, I'd recommend changing "ignored" to "unknown" :slight_smile:


I need some info on the Beat Generation for a school project I'm doing. I'm the only person in the fourth grade that picked if and now I can't change it but I wanna do Emma Watson!!

Also, I wanna on project thing on I think I I can keep it related so info please