The Place for Bored Hopscotchers (STAY ON TOPIC)



This is a place to go to when it seems like you're the only one on The Hopscotch Forum. It's kind of like the topic "The Lonely Crew", but like a backup. This topic is for:

  • Collabs
  • How-tos
  • Asking for help
  • Asking for requests
  • On-topic mess and Hopscotch-relatedness
  • Getting your projects more popular
  • Trying to get people to be in your contests


Hi! Do u want to do a collab with me?


im so ignored



Who, me? I already have a Collab going on, sorry, but if it fails ( I hope not! ), we can Collab.


On Hopscotch? Probably the forum.


Anyone on? Have any ideas for a project?




Waffle maker!


Ok I'll try to. I just have to finish my iPod first


@tankt2016 will we be using a collab account?


I'm on and bored. I like notifications! And @RobotPro, I have no idea what you are talking about.


Ok. I'm really tired I have to go to bed soon


Will we be making and all be using the same account to make the "Waffle Maker"?


You must be in a different time zone. It's 7:15 a.m. here in the Eastern Time Zone.


For me it's 7:17


You mean I am in the Collab?


I think we're doing a Collaboration. I don't know... Hm...


Do you want to be in the collab?


Well, I have a coding partner, @MYD, who isn't going to be on much. . .And I just started a collab with @GracefulIcing1 last night. . .I know the password to our coding partner account. . .Maybe, @RobotPro. . .