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(This topic is CLOSED)
Hi all! I love pixel art (even though I have not made a whole bunch on HS) and I know that there lots of other pixel-art-lovers out there, so I made this topic! Share any tips on pixel art (of any kind). Also, post pixel art templates that you drew on graph paper. Finally, you may post your pixel art projects here, and get or give feedback.
Have fun!


@ThinBuffalo I’m going to continue working on the project. Let me know when you’re ready for an updated link.


I prefer graph paper, because I don't have to flip from window to window on my iPad, and I can sketch things out even when I do not have access to technology.


This is similar to this topic.


True! I did not see that topic before I created this one. I will simply ask a mod to close the topic (@t1_hopscotch, could you please close this topic? Thank you!)


Okay I can do that :blush: It looks like the other two topics are a bit different though — one is for teaching and the other is for problems with pixel art. I think the idea of tips and templates is nice :smile: but if you want to close it, I can do that.


Oh okay... well, you can still close it. :wink: Thank you


I would like to join​:slight_smile:Thanks for reading,


Please can I join or is it closed:(


I'll join, thanks for reading.


@NindroidTester new version
Please check how to Play and test out the winning function. Thanks.


@Petrichor Yes I would like to join, but DECODECO is not too active. So when should I check with him/her, thanks for reading.


Wait, is the group closed?


This topic is closed, not the one that Nindroid posted.


Oh ok, so can I still join?


Go to the link that Nindroid posted, and ask there. This topic is not really related to that topic. Sorry for the confusion :wink: