The Pixel Art Club! (PAC-MAN) We teach how to pixel art!



Okay, so I really would like to do a pixel art club, because I haven’t seen any yet. Please join if you are interested in pixel art or you do pixel art in Hopscotch or anywhere else!

People who I think would like to join:
(Invite anyone here (since I don’t feel comfortable using the OMTL)

(Add yourself here!)

I will ask questions every 3-5 days, and please answer so you can rank up!

What is your favorite pixel game NOT in Hopscotch?

Ranks and Badges

Starter badges (I want to learn how to code pixel art!):

(You’re starting pixel art on a good note!)

(I’m learning well and can make simple pixels from each pixel design)

Pixelmaker :black_medium_square:
(I just made a cool pixel art picture and I published it on Hopscotch!)

Pixexemplar :black_large_square:
(I can finally make pixel art! I also made another pixel art!
Now I can graduate to the next badge section!)


Pixel Arters (I can make pixel art on Hopscotch!):

(My pixel art got over 100 likes!*)

Pixelmaster :white_medium_small_square:(In honor of @PixelMaster64)
(My pixel art got on Trending and/or has gotten over 200 likes!*)

Pixel…o wow i am… wow. :white_medium_square:
(I got Featured and/or I have gotten over 300 likes!*)

I have gotten over 1500 likes on my pixel art?!? :scream: :white_large_square:
(Yeah, the badge says it all.)

*applies to one pixel art project


Other badges:

PixelGamer :video_game:
(I made a project out of pixel art!)

PixeLeader :medal_sports:
(@DECODECO made me a Leader!^)
@Dolphin_coders @FearlessPhoenix

PixelAnimation :arrows_counterclockwise:
(I made an animated pixel art!)

Pixteacher :chicken::baby_chick:
(@DECODECO made me a teacher to teach others pixel art!)

Pixelanswerer :arrow_forward:
(I answered 20 questions!)

More badges to come soon!

^Leaders can add in new members and ask questions (only if I tell it’s okay)!

Please tell me if you want to learn how to do pixel art!

  • All pixel art before signing up do not count towards badges.
  • Any inappropriate art will also not count towards badges.
  • You can never be too busy with Hopscotch to do this club. All you need to do is post pixel art here (and follow all of the rules and regulations) and it will count towards your badges!
  • Please manually tell me how many likes you have on a project when your project can unlock a badge!
  • One project alone counts for only one badge.

I hope everyone enjoys here! :D

I’ll add more rules as we go along!


I'll join!
@Dylan329 take a look at this
EDIT:Mabye make it people who joined instead of people who are joining?


Okay, yeah grammar is bad rarely I feel so bad


Oh, wow I thought you were Sweater...
You point out grammar mistakes like Sweater does lol


Hi @Dolphin_coders


Hi! :)
Can I join?


Sure! You can add yourself in!


What rank do you think I would be?


Nothing yet, all previous projects before joining do not count as badges :confused:
I'll add that in!


To busy to join sry ;-;


Oh, no, it's fine. You can post any pixel art here and it will count towards any badge!


How much progress have you got on your pixel art?


None. I'm remaking Sylveon

I didn't want to spend too much time on it, and I get the gist of it already.


Of all honesty I liked it when you didn't change the colours but if your proud with that then use it :)


Sorry, I don't get what you're saying.


I'll use the colors from this:



Yeh I will join this club. When you said we can post any pixel art, do you mean any that we make now or have made or anyone's?



I'm not @DECODECO but I'm pretty sure he means like you can use google images pixel art (most pixel arts on Pinterest are FTU, it sayes whether they're free or not)

Only pixel art you make from now on counts :wink:


Yeah, what @Dolphin_coders said...
Dolphy, do you want to be a Leader? You know the rules well :D


Oh yes please! :)