The Phil Perry and Beyoncé topic!


Ahemmm mods and leaders XD.
@Kiwicute2016 I had to change it to Beyoncé XD!

This is where you guys who like him can talk about Phil Perry and Beyoncé and code things about it and keep it HS REALTED!!!!


wot okey den



Ok then

I want to change my profile to bob Ross then


I'm surprised @PopTart0219 and @BuildASnowman haven't come yet..


It's called art look it up


Ohhh here you are XD.

Let's me ask you a very important question:
Who IS Phil Perry


Omg I thought you could read



"Mean old rat" as I say to my friends as a joke XD


it's Phil Lerry :P


I still think this is a masterpiece.


Is this related at all?


Yup. They will code about him


I don't really know who Phil Perry is, but since someone is yet to code him, what about making a website on HS about him? Use information from Wikipedia





And use your mod powers to change profile pics


You're welcome XD! (You were waiting for this?)


No and yes :D


XD I just learned who Phil perry is from @PopTart0219


@PopTart0219 why don't you change your profile picture to Phil perry?


She isn't Poptart she is Beyoncé