The Phases of Hopscotch


Sometimes hopscotch goes through phases. It could the app its self, the team members, or even us! I haven't been on hopscotch for a while, so I don't know many. The only one I can think of is Porings. Do you have any? Also, please tell me what order they come in

  • Porings


Umm The blue section of blocks? It has added cloning and check if else and Erin I don't know that's all I remember


Also here's a like :heart:


Who's Erin

Who's Erin?


That was probably just a typo.


I was wondering cause. My first name a
Is Erin


Love your new Avitar so cute


I know, thanks! It's one of our cats. There's more about it in our bio. Now, BOT.


yes I know he is around now but he was lonely and important

Valgo's Kaleidocosmos
Everyone was making weird pictures with it