The Phase Games! 7 Available Spots! Contestants Only



Welcome! It is very nice to see that you are reading this. I will be hosting games each week, they will be always different in a way. If you want to join, you have to meet the criteria. I will be judging each project with some other fellow Hopscotcher friends. @Rawrbear and @BlackDawn are invited as a judge. You have have been on for at least 3 months by the new year.


- A game with randomness
- A game with a joystick
- A game with at least some ball physics
- A game with lives use with values
- Know how to make a scrolling without the video


@Phase_Admin/ @Phase_Studios


Wish I could join...


Why can't you @Curved_Guitar?


Never made that kind of game :blush:


Can I judge...? I'm in a lot of collabs n contests already so I can't squeeze in time to make, but can I judge?


Of course you can judge @LotsaPizza!!!


Ah, thanks a bunch! PS i'm really strict, soooo, I, like, point out every mistake XD


I don't care, I know what strict is. One of my teachers. :frowning:


I will judge for you I have benen on for 6 months.


Could you be a contestant? That would be very helpful! If not, then you will be a judge @BlackDawn!


Ok well I haven't made a game but I will now.


Nooooo, you have to know how to do the stuff to be a contestant! I think you confuzzled @BlackDawn.


This is my game I hope you like it. Not finished.


True randomness! 2 things down, 3 to go for @BlackDawn!


Can I be a judge?


σк уαу тнαт ιѕ яαи∂σмиєѕѕ тнιиg єνєя.


Yes you can @Gabe_N. ONLY 1 MORE JUDGE!





Can I judge? :smiley:


Yesori @CreativeCoder!!!!! NO MORE ROOM FOR JUDGES! ONLY CONTESTANTS!!!!!!!!