The Penguin Phone, my phone system you can play on!

Name of Project: Penguin Phone
Link to the Project:
The penguin phone is a phone I made so you can play and download apps! Suggest ideas and report bugs to me (+ videos) so I can make them!
Second Project: Penguin Phone (with log in) (now with images) by TheCoder LOL with images (Penguin Phone Form by TheCoder LOL for the suggestions)


Looks cool.

Welcome to the Forum.

You can tell us more about yourself here.

Btw, my pfp is only temporary. In a couple of days I’ll change it back to my usual logo, which is essentially a green star with my username on it.


You can suggest any games tho.

I don’t have any ideas. Can u suggest one? Please

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(TheCoder_LOL, this tag should help get the ideas rolling in).


this list might help!


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