The Peace Treaty and the Pwips Campaign


Today, scientist discovered that pwips are one of the only 2 things on earth with vitamin ABC, along with peepos, the vitamin is neccasary for peeps to live, so they eat peepos. I think that from this discovory, the peeps and peepos can live in peace, WHO'S WITH ME?


Will you code a project about this so its related


Once my dad gets home with the iPad


:slight_smile: It'll be a few hours


Ok! This sounds like it would be a awesome project!


I look forward to the project! Maybe add that it is related in the top post so that people don't get confused?


okie :3 one sec @KingPeep @GeneralPeep @Snoopy, check it out


[Wat is a Peepo? Help Support the Peepo Cause! :3](http://Wat is a Peepo? Help Support the Peepo Cause! :3)


Yeah, help, LEMME CONTACT @KingPeep