The Pair Contest!


Can we start once we get our partners?


Sorree if I sound pushy...
do you want to be partners?
I won't get mad if you don't want to.
Across my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. :slight_smile:


You can!

But who is your partner?


Yep! Who is your partner? I need to put your name down.
EDIT: @Sweetlina beat me XD



I have those fast fingers!


Yes, yes you do XD I don't have fast fingers


That would be fun :)

Might go check u out on HS :3


@MR.GAM3R... XD. I don't really know who you are! Let's intoduce and tell a bit about each other lol


Hey what who said I was pairing with AwesomeNachos?

That's not decided yet.


It's decided.

I'm pairing with AwesomeNachos.


Oh, sorry. I thought you were. Ill change it


No, we are. Don't worry.>:)


oh, ok! I won't change it then


Ok :smiley:

So, what do we start with? XD


Wait guys
@Murphy1 and @MR.GAM3R
If you are introducing each other
Can you do that in a different topic please!

We do not want to clog up this topic with some post that is not related to the contest!

Thank you!

What about this topic!


It's fine, because they are introducing each other for the contest, if you don't like it, we can ask them to do it in another topic though


Ok. We will probably make a topic for discussing our project :slight_smile:


Well it will clog up the post that needs to be seen!

So I thought maybe this topic!


Thank you very much!

Good night guys!


Ok! Thats fine!