The Pair Contest!


@smishsmash, would you like to do this with me? It's ok if you dont!


I would love to but I'm way too busy :0 ;-; I barely have time to code anymore, as you see I published my latest project 3 weeks ago, when I started school, sorry!


I'll do it with u! Pls


Awesome! As soon as a pair agrees I'll add them


@MR.GAM3R and @Murphy1, I paired you guys. If you don't like it, I'll re-pair you


Ok! Just to warn you, in pretty busy with school but I'll try to do it with you!


It's ok, thanks anyway! :sunglasses:


Can I please join ?I really am looking forward to a pair competition !


Lol you replied to me


Ok cool :sunglasses:


Sure! Next time somebody joins, you'll be paired with them


I want to enter!
@Rainboom? @Steelhooves? Coding frens? XD


@DMF, so have you made a decision yet?

You can create the topic once we get accreted. :DD


Would you like to be partners with SilverDolphin?


It'd be fun, I guess. Idk. I'll have a think if that's ok :)


We could do something


dun dun duuhhhh....


We have a lot of people doing the contest!

That is really good!


He, yeah. It might be a nice way to take my mind of the sad stuff irl rn :\

Gimme a sec, I'll have a think.

I'm sorry if I'm not positive


I'm not that positive eiether. :0



I just feel... not really myself. I'll probably make a topic about it.