The Pair Contest!


Hey guys! I want to start a contest! I know nobody will enter, but I'll try. Okay, here is the stuff-

The Contest
This is a game contest where you have to make a game with somebody else. You can make a collab account, trade drafts, or anything.

How to Enter
To enter, just tell me you are entering. You don't have to have a person in mind to collab with, I'll put you in a pair with somebody else that has joined. If you REALLY want to be with somebody else, tag them, and if they agree to join, you can be in a pair with them. If you don't like your pair, just tell me and I'll re-group you.

Turn In
Turn the project in here!

•Don't be rude to your partner
•Don't get mad if your friend is so somebody else.
•Have fun!
That's the only rules, if I see that something else shouldn't be allowed, I'll add more rules.

This is what your here for, in this contest, only the judges will give prizes, I'll tell how to sign up for a judge later.

First Prize-
•A follow and 30 likes for @EP125
•A small pixel art request from @EP125
•A drawing request from @Sweetlina
•A follow from @Sweetlina
•A spam like on the forum from @Sweetlina

Second Prize-
•A follow and 15 likes from @EP125
•A follow from @Sweetlina
•A spam like on the forum from @Sweetlina

Third Prize-
•A follow and 5 likes from @EP125
•A spam like on the forum from @Sweetlina

How to be a judge [FULL]
Sign up using this form, I'm only accepting two!
-Will you judge fairly?
-Will you be kind?
-Will you favor certain Hopscotchers?
-Will you be mad if you don't get judge?

@Dude73 - @BellaWafflez17
@DA-BEASTY - @bluedogmc-official
@Silverdolphin - ???
@Rainboom - @AwesomeNachos
@DMF - @EnchantedAnimallover

Other Stuffs
The projects are due October 17th! That gives you four weeks!

Well, that's all! Bye!!! Hope you join!

Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)
Ideas for what I should do next on Hopscotch

@Dude73 we should do this!


Sounds awesome! :D


@BellaWafflez17, @Dude73- I'll add you!


Thanks! This will be so fun =D


I can do a prize if you want!


Yeah! This will be so much fun! B-Waffy, we should do that waffle game you suggested! :smile:


Only judges will be giving prizes! Sorry! You can sign up for judge if you want!


Yup! I'm so excited! =D


I added the due date! Four weeks from now! I might have to change it if nobody is done.


I can help with prizes! :smiley:


I think you'd make a great judge though!


Oh. Sure I'll judge!

WARNING: may not be very active or helpful :sweat_smile:


Ok! I think you'll be great! You need to fill out the form though. It would be awesome with you as judge.




You are judge! Yay! Wrench, nope XD


No! I am always happy! :smiley:


You are accepted! Thanks for joining!



I am a judge!


My prizes!

First place
A drawing request
A follow on HS
Spam like on the forum

Second place
A follow on HS
Spam like on the forum

Third place
Spam like on the forum


Ok! I'll add them to the topic!