The Page Of Niceness!



He everyone

I made this page entierly for saing nice things about people's projects on hopscotch eg. @t1_hopscotch your 2048 was one of the biggest projects in the history of hopscotch


Hey I didn't realise @t1_hopscotch made that that's my all time fav go t1!


@t1_hopscotch's 2048 project is awesome and great! I enjoyed playing it over and over for like 50 times! I also would like to say @MagmaPOP's Helicopter Rescue project. It is exciting and I think it took a lot of time to create.

Basically, I love everyone's hard-working projects on Hopscotch especially the games and drawings!


I also loved @MagmaPOP 's helicopter rescue!
Awhile ago i saw a project by somebody (can't remember the name). It was called "stargirl on a rollercoaster.