The Other Hopscotch Characters


I'm Not Sure If You Know, But There Are Actually More Hopscotch Characters. I Didn't Know About Them Until I Searched For 'Hopscotch Characters'. I Found A Few. Here's A Link:


Well,I know about the Halloween characters but I didn't know about the rest! :00000000


I Hope They Release Them. Then Everyone Can Use New Characters As Well!


Wow! @Liza @Meg @Rodrigo @Asha Will we ever be seeing these characters?


There is a topic for this so be sure to SBYP :wink:

To answer your question those are other characters by the same person who made the current HS characters but THT didn't use all of them I guess


we've been talking about this SAME topic since the forum started.

can we just stop talking about the characters now? it's getting old





it's a mystery.....


When Rodrigo uses an emoticon you made a variant of :0



I would really like to use these characters xD


What is with the female cosmic Cody????


When I searched that I thought those were old Hopscotch characters