The Original Title Has Been Edited -Le Derp. 😐


(The original words have been taken out -Le Derp. :neutral_face:)

Jk this is HappyHurricane just hacking. Lol I don't think this. Love y'all :kissing_heart:




My friend stole my iPad and made this


I wrote it just to mess with her (we are real life friends). I said at the end that I don't think this which is COMPLETELY true. I know @LeDerp1987 doesn't think this either. I was just goofing around.


Please don't hate me for this it was @HappyHurricane just messing with me since we r real life friends. Don't hate her either she doesn't think that.


Alright this isn't very funny now even if it is a joke...


Is there a way to delete this??


I'm sorry if this offended you or anyone else. It was simply supposed to be a joke. I love Hopscotch, coding, and everyone on Hopscotch. Please don't hate on me or @LeDerp1987.


Please don't hate me or @HappyHurricane
She was just joking so please help me find a way to delete this.


You can't delete topics but you can recycle. (Everyone deletes posts) and then make this a useful topic :wink:


Thanks! :blush:
I'll be sure to do this


I edited the original post so that it doesn't say anything bad about Hopscotch.
I absolutely love Hopscotch so please don't take this seriously.