The OPTIONAL Hopscotch Subscription—WHAT'S THE ISSUE?

Hopscotch is FREE. FREE to download, FREE to explore, FREE to code, and more. Many topics have popped up about the Hopscotch Subscription—some have defended it, some have gone against it.

One weekly discussion ( covered if the Subscriptions were dividing Hopscotch. What was the point?

As you can read from the quotes above, many people have different opinions. But let’s delve into another article covering the systematic truth about the Subscription, and let’s uncover the facts to see the ups & downs, the right & lefts, and the reveal if it’s really worth your money and if it really should be an option in the first place.

(from Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions)

Topic 1: What do I get if I subscribe & do the features really improve quality?

  • Upload an unlimited number of images from your camera roll to Hopscotch
  • Create your own characters using your own photos, drawings, and pictures from the Internet.
  • Use images as characters, backgrounds, and whatever you want!
  • Customize your avatar with custom images
  • All images are moderated by Hopscotch
  • Download and remix projects with images from the community
  • All the awesome features we release in the future

I have the Hopscotch subscription. I have to say I like it. It’s not one of those things that are like—“WHOAH, WHAT HAVE BEEN LIVING WITHOUT!!!” It’s more like—“Cool beans. Worth it. S’okay.” One of my favorite features was the custom avatar. I really got to show my “panda love” in glitzy pics.
The upload an image avatar also helped me in desperate need when I didn’t know how to create a realistic item in shapes.
The newly add drawing feature was also very cool, though personally, @Liza, if you are listening, I would highly appreciate a custom size bar because the lowest width it goes to is like, 30, and that is not helpful if you want to draw a sketch.

However, one Forumer had a reasonable opinion about the topic that really stuck out of the rest. And I actually found myself agreeing with him/her.

There was a project on Featured that I saw (and I say this with NO offense, creator) that made me a little disappointed. Using Hopscotch features, mostly the drawn effect, him/her created, in my opinion, a LOW quality “tapping” game that didn’t seam unique in the slightest. And, it was posted on Featured though, again, in my opinion, went against the checkmarks for Featured. One in particular: the nice screenshot checkmark. The project was neither stylish, unique, or crazily addictive, so WHY was it on Featured?

Could the reason be that it was on Featured during the new update with the drawings? Was THT simply just trying to promote the new Feature? Most likely, yes. But even with the paid Subscription, did this make the game more favorable? In my eyes, I would say no. It didn’t. Sure, it was fun to be tapping little drawings and all, but I didn’t end up being impressed, which I feel like everyone should feel if they just played a Featured game.

My point? In that one game, I was not impressed or dazzled by the coding of the game. And just because the creator used the new Hopscotch Subscription feature, I didn’t like it anymore.

“Good coding will always stand out above bought skills” –Panda Studios

Topic 2: Does the price for the Subscription really make a difference above other coding classes?

One of THT big advertising points was that a Subscription was “a loooooot less than the price of even one day at coding camp!” says @Liza of her post, Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions.

Most of us probably took her word for it, buried the info deep in our minds, and moved on. But this point is a good one. So I looked up an article a list of coding classes and found out if the real drop of pricing was true or not.

Compared to the “top online coding courses”, the Hopscotch Subscription is crazy cheap. If you don’t have time to take a look at the link, I’ll give some dollars of what the courses were priced at.

  • 29/month
  • $499 per ‘blueprint’.
  • $150/ 6 months

Compared to $7.99 for Hopscotch, it seams a lot better. But these coding websites are really top stuff, so the comparison should really be thought out carefully.

Topic 3: Just because there’s an option, does that mean I have to do it?

Of course not!

Then why is there a subscription?

The first quote in this article, at the beginning of this page, is the words of a Forumer who speaks the truth—If you just think @Liza is marketing, then listening to that Forumer.

The Hopscotch Team has kept Hopscotch free & accessible to thousands of people across the globe. And as @Liza said, “Hopscotch has been free for the last three years while we’ve built up the app.” THT has achieved a big mission—to make fun, easy, accessible, & FREE coding for us. But FREE is really hard in the world of marketing, especially the App world, which is increasing larger and larger as we breath in the air of the World of Electronics. For you to get a picture on how hard it is to run an app & the pricing, visit the links below:

One of these websites wrote:

OS updates (required every time Apple or Android updates their OS), minor bug fixes and general maintenance fees sit at around $500/month or more. Having an ongoing maintenance budget it absolutely vital to maintain a functional, user friendly app with longevity.

You’ll need to pay to have a cloud service host your app and enable downloads. These start from around $400/month and can increase with higher download rates.

Added, this means about $900/month at least to maintain an app.

And if Hopscotch was completely FREE, w/o any subscriptions, and running Hopscotch was the only job THT had, do you know what would happen in the next year?


Get the picture? Hopefully.

I hope there will be NO complaining of the OPTIONAL subscription in the next month.

Thank you for clicking on this article. My name is PandaS (Panda Studios on Hopscotch) and I love writing. If you like articles like this, please like, and I will make sure to write more. Visit my home page to read more of my articles. Bye!


I absolutely love your writing skillz and still thin’ your lying about your age lol


they can host downloads and servers themselves which i think they do

so that takes that cost away

and isnt Hopscotch sub $99/yr

iirc having an app on the App Store is the same.

Then they have to pay their staff but honestly it isnt $500/month probably…

yes they have to rent an office or whatever

but i honestly dont think its $500/month for the app. OS updates are not required (i obviously can still download apps that havent been updated in over a year). The most recent REQUIRED UPDATE for iOS apps was when it was updated to iOS 11 and 32-bit support was COMPLETELY DROPPED. This basically just meant recompiling and changing a few lines and variables to 64bit, nothing much

so i dont know where you got that from

I used to have an app on the app store (removed bc it made no money) and my friend still has one, and we only payed the bare $99/yr or whatever it is now to keep it on the store.


What was it?
And what’s your friends?
I wanna down,lad it noooww


well you cant download mine lol

i cant remember what my friends was but it was like some sort of money calculator or something idk


I don’t agree with a lot of these but some I do


Nice topic!

You seem like an aspiring journalist or something :joy:


Your reporting skills are crazy

I had to do a report paper on gu n safety and I barely even passed that project


This post is so long I’m trying to decide weather I read it or not


Well we can safely say that subscribing has its benefits. Hopscotch can’t keep running when everything is free. To keeps apps running you need money which in any case, every game needs money to keep running. This is why games have in app purchases, to keep their game running


I enjoy reading all of your topics! They are super well-written, interactive, and really get to the core of the issue. This topic on Optional Hopscotch Subscription is one that is very relevant to the community today. Awesome job!


I agree. THT needs to make money in some way. The subscription is optional and, like you mentioned, it is really cheap compared to other coding related things (like courses).

There are also code editors that costs money. Most are free and you will most likely find a free one for the language you want a code editor for. Just for comparison though, this editor costs $59 (when I am writing this):

Also, I have to mention that Apple (the owner of App Store that manages Hopscotcher’s subscriptions) “takes” some of the money. The subscription costs about 10 dollars (at least in Sweden), but Apple charges some of that money.

So, I think that the subscription is needed and it is a great way for THT to make money. Also, awesome topic! :clap:


Really well written and thought out. I can totally see what you feel!:clap::clap::clap::clap:


This makes sense but I feel like some of the things that are part of the subscription are really necessary for coding. Like adding pictures and stuff. So I feel like that should be free.


I mean THT gets a lot of hate in which they don’t deserve, they have a free coding app, and they have a really cheap subscription compared to other courses and coding programs.


Thanks guys! :upside_down_face:

I feel like the subscription should be a one-time payment, because monthly subscriptions COMPLETELY ruin the purpose of savings. And this app is supposed to be FOR KIDS.

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@Leaders this topic seems really out of date. Maybe clive?