The Opinion Problems



Continuing the discussion from Rate Me! (LazyLizard):


I make so many topics about these but this one I just want to directly address them.


Opinions are there so we can see a different perspective on a situation and it helps us find answers. On my topics, I ask people to state their opinions in a nice way, but also in an honest way. But that doesn't always happen. I learned that on my "Rate Me" topic.

The Anonymous Voting

This is coming up a lot. The forms that we give feedback on. Some trolls decided that they would be mean. Do you want to be that person? Your true character is who you are when nobody is watching.

A Real Opinion

A real opinion states what you think in a nice way. Don't just say "no", reason it.

To sum it up, I must say this myself: We really don't need those useless one word opinions. Be nice about what you think and don't hold it against others!