The Olympic challenge! JUDGED



This is the link to the Olympic challenge
Judges:Me Rockin Rachel and Jocking JJ
Rubric it will be judged by

nonlagginess:out of 20
Creativity: out of 20
Coolness: out of 20
Olympic related out of 20
Use of different blocks out of 20


What are the badges?


They are a coded badge
They're called #BadgeFor(the person)
There's Bronze,Silver,Gold,Extreme,Platnum


Ok. I might enter. I need to reread the rules really quickly though...


No one else has entered!


Ok! Just so you know I do have to make the project first so it might seem like I have forgotton about your contest but I promise I will enter before August 15th. :wink:


Lucky for me, I am already working on my Olympic project. Will submit it when it is done. Good luck Olympians!!


Ok thanks
I'll remember


Brought here by your topic…
I'll try to get more people coz I'm way too busy to code an Olympic Game.:wink:


Here comes the OMTL!

Miss Listie


Can someone pwetty pwease join this challenge? Needs more people!


Then I've got loads of projects to choose from


Or the judges have loads to choose from


You're welcome!


I have no time. Sorry.


Ill enter, but i cant seee the project without the update. What does it say?


You've got to code a Olympic game


Cool! Getting started...


I'm busy at the moment so I may or I may not!


How do you do OMTL?
I just wanna know


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