The old times of the forums


Does anyone remember the old days? Why can't we be like then. No flame wars, no suspensions, and no one being mean. We need to act serious about Hopscotch. This was made for people to help each other and to work together on projects.


Yeah, I guess I did get out of control.... I'm sorry. :sob::sob:


I liked the old forum better. But we can make this like the old forum! We just need to work on not getting out of control, and being on topic and it will be the old forum!


I just don't wanna be suspended again. I do deserve it but I can work on it. I guess I got out of control. I wasn't my usual self... You guys can give me a second chance, right?


Read my bio, you deserve a second chance.


I totally give you a second chance! @friendship2468.


Thank you! Can we start over?


Yes we can start over.


Yeah I loved the old forum every @staff was on being nice!(like always being nice!)

And well it's diffrent now the forum grew up!


I consider the old forum as in August of 2015 that's what I remeber old and fun!


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I promise I won't ever again too.


Let's just start over. Forget the past, and be happy in the present! Let's make the forums how they used to be :D (better than they are now!)


I remember those days, when the forum was super fun! :D
Forgive & Forget


Maybe we will need to mute help and only look at the lounge if thingies get outta control!


It was very calm and silent...


Well I never knew the old forum, but yeah, I know what ya mean. Let's all be happy and not get so... Burnt. Yeah, that's the word for it! And I'm gonna tag @MagmaPOP cos I want the old magma back! Of course your still nice, magmaPOP, but... You could... Well, just want you to see this topic!:blush:


Please delete your comment if you're going to be rude :wink:


Yeah... sometimes I wish, others wish, majority of people wish... that we could turn back time, to the good old days...

I just had to...


When I first joined, everyone was saying the forum was so nice. It was explained that since the forum was so small, it was a better community than the app. But I guess now that there are so many new people, that's gone away.