The OFFICIAL Switch Playgrounds Topic



*Donut tall meh 2 SBYP plz; da other topiks are asking abowt Swift Playgrounds and nut leik dis

This is the official topic for talking about and sharing projects in Swift Playgrounds! For people who don't know what that is, it's an Apple's own coding program for kids. It's so cool! I just got it today :D
You also can talk a bit about iOS 10 (since that was coded and you can use the new cool emojis in projects), but please don't get too off topic :3

What to do here:

  • talk about SP (SP=Swift Playgrounds)
  • share projects from SP
  • give ideas of what to code in SP
  • sometimes give ideas for projects in HS using the new emojis
  • let some random potatoes through the gate
  • have fun!!!!

What NOT to do here:

  • get super off topic
  • be inappropriate
  • violate the community guidelines
  • be boring
  • let so many random potatoes through the gates that all the cute kawaii potatoes turn into a very evil off topic monster potato


-Da Apple (location: Swift Playgrounds)

Ps: first


Pps: first again


Just as I suspected.

Completely silent. XD


I would do this but I haven't updated yet my I pad doesn't have it yet!!


You should update!!! It's amazing!!! You can get emojis like these: :smile::grin::laughing::raising_hand:🏼:smile_cat::person_with_blond_hair:🏻‍♀️


Nice!! I will try too!!


Why didn't that work



(System) yes?

(Me) you're annoying!!!!

(System) thx


I can't update... ;0; I'm mad at my ■■■■■■ old iPad. No swift playgrounds no new emojis, nothing.


Stupid should be removed from the filter.


You should use the OMTL here :wink:


same i feel the same i was so dissapointed......i still am actually


What kind of iPad is it?


im not sure exactly but i know its the older one


Mine is a iPad two.


Me has da Playground, da Apple


I love swift playgrounds! :D


k i made a swift playground






just got ios 10, and swift playgrounds is downloading! Can't wait to play aroud with it!


Does it have iOS 9?
19 characters again...