The official SPE33 Second GT! Feel free to add to title: With TDO sometimes



Thanks @Ana for getting SPE33’s account back!!


They accidentally logged out and ig they didn’t know their password or something.


Yup. What tankt said. I’m also excited! Can’t wait to do more coding!


@Awesome_E display help


@HardcoreHufflepuff look what I found!

My results:


I got Biana
Oh did you know the correct pronunciation of “bronte” is Bron-tay




Yeah I was like whhhhaaaaattttt


OMG I was featured!!
Look at surfing safari in the featured!! Yay so happy :grinning:


Glad you got featured! I still haven’t. Do you know why?


I will nominate u! I don’t know how :scream:


You go to this link, with the link to a project you want to nominate. Thanks!


Idk but you’ll get there eventually!

People do like games
Plus Clask seems like it could get featured when it’s done!


Thanks! I hope I will to. Clask is almost done. TDO was helping with the AI code this morning.


Can’t wait 2 see it!!


Thanks! The physics were really hard to make…


@tankt2016 tankts for liking my projects!


@Marshmallow274 welcome to my GT!




Your welcome. Have you tried the invisible text trick before?