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Lol math isn’t my strong point plus I just typed in random numbers understanding nothing about sin/cos XD


@tankt2016 here’s my best attempt at sine and cosine description.

  1. When 7 = 7
  2. Set position x= Sine y= cosine
  3. First input, the distance from the object it’s circling.
  4. Second input, the amount of rotations (usually a variable)
  5. Third input, the object it’s corcling x pos or y pos

Usually use sine for x pos and cosine for y pos. @ThatEnglishMuffin am I correct? If not, care to build on?


Nope that’s actually really wrong (lol sorry I was super blunt)
Cosine is for X and Sine is for Y

Gimme a bit and I’ll type smth up


Oops. That means this was wrong. Can you look in the code?:


When you use a sin/cos block, you use set pos and the different parts of the sin/cos block are for different parts and do different stuff.

You’d have code that looks like this:

When Game Starts
Repeat times (360/12)

Create a Clone

** this number doesn’t have to be 12, 12 is just convenient
** enter it the way I wrote it, don’t use the actual numerical value. It’s more convenient that way

When Object Is Cloned

Set Position X[ ___ • cos(SelfCloneIndex •12) + ____] Y[ ___ • sin(SelfCloneIndex •12) + ____]

** Now, in the first blank for both the x pos and y pos, insert how far you want the trail/object to be from the original x pos and y pos
** In the second blank for each, insert the x pos and y pos you want it to star tat, respectively


What do you tag the pomtl for and what do you tag the omtl for?


Yeah sure.

Hope my explanation helped tho


Pomtl is for projects and omtl is for other stuff, like if you make a new topic for a coding challenge or smth


It did. Thanks! @ThatEnglishMuffin is this how you described it and I just listened wrong?




Yeah no prob dude any time :slight_smile:


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@FearlessPhoenix can I have a wiki?
Never mind Mindcool made me one.


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Thanks! It’s going to be for tips and tricks…


Can you code a house with walls made of the Tetris blocks? Using set position?


Probably. What’s it for?