The Official ScotchHop Team Topic [OPEN] -- Except with a Dramatic Twist!



Thank you guys for crashing my notifications box...
224 replies since I have been on​:triumph:


That's....a lot

Sorry about that


Hehe, sorry :joy:
I didn't realize we went that far!


Okay I see you must be really eager to decrypt these messages and try to work out who is behind this.

:pensive: I don't think I will get to see everything on this topic, but I will just share some thoughts from Liza though during previous hacking incidents:

I can try change the password and create a PM for those who have been given permission to join the collab. Who is in the collab at the moment?


Everyone at the top in the list plus me and @Gobli09


When do we start? I got confused


Start what? The summer contest has already started if that is what you are wondering.


Well I m a host and I don't know what to say eh I'll wing it :joy:


Yeah, we were spending ophours and hours working on something that we had already knew before. :joy: That was frustrating..


Since I think the thing is done, can I join?


Yeah, we are going to make a secret PM to share the pass


Okay cool. I saw something about t1 creating a PM for it


When will the pm be made?


I don't even know :joy: Sometime soon


:blush: I have created the PM with the account details now, I just need to invite the people in the collab. Is it everyone in @ScotchHopTeam? Just let me know if there is anyone else to be added as well.


And me, @HopscotchRemixer , @weathercats

I believe that's it?


@Gobli09 you are already officially part of ScotchHop Team. Look at the top of the general topic. I added us there with JonnyGamer's permission.


Oh okay


Are you sure? I entered in the password and username and it didn't work


Oh whoops silly me — let me fix that...