The Official ScotchHop Team Topic [OPEN] -- Except with a Dramatic Twist!



ie.switch, I think



Did you want anything? XD


The hacker said "Put hints together. The common part affects the first part"



Whoops! I'm so sorry!
My bad.. I'm really sorry


What was it about?


Well the hacker isn't you I guess.. I'm seriously really sorry


Hello :D


Someone hacked into the ScotchHop Team. For some reason we think it's you.

It probably isn't you, sorry


Your profile pick was saying "seen just now"
Dude I'm really sorry. Here, I'll explain it:


well the hacker left messages!
and it actually mached with u so much....
so yeah...
sry if it was wrong i know how it feels ...!


yeah, thats cuz i've got the forum open while i'm on the computer


Oh man I'm really sorry

So there is a hacker sending us encrypted messages and we need a ton of help. Here's the basics so far:

Also, there is a bug in the forum where it says your profile was "seen just now" and changed to "seen 1 min ago" back and forth



Ah, ok. That makes sense.
So you might've heard of the ScotchHop Team that Underaged coder made, we got hacked and sent a ton of encrypted messages. Let me find all of the things we found


So wait, is he trying to pass the blame to others?

Edit: That is, the hacker?




@CreationsOfaNoob Ok.. so we have..

The hacker signs his name as:
0 34220 24 202

And we need to figure out this:
I changed theq q ��BaF�Ra77v�&B

And then he published this:
1S3I9 i(19)n't (20)h5 e(14)d

The other letters say: Isn't the end

People I'm suspicious of:

There's some more things too..


I believe so


Yeah, that makes much more sense, thanks