The Official ScotchHop Team Topic [OPEN] -- Except with a Dramatic Twist!



I agree, the "hacker" wants us to find it out using the code.


Yeah. I'm too lazy though. I did a lot of work
COAN it's you. It's you


Let's not be too assuming
Just because he's seen just now it doesn't mean it's him
I agree that it is a bit queer


Yeah, he's not even posting or anything.. his last post was 5 hours ago


How many alerts did you get, @CreationsOfaNoob?


His computer/tabet/phone/whatever he's using to access the forum could be on and he doesn't know it


look let's just stop for like 5 mins see what happened k?
wait he just left...
if there is another project coming out it might be him
@weathercats sure!


Once this thing is over can I join the collab?


Yes, of course!


Ok, but what's with coan?


He's been "seen just now" in his profile, but he's not responding. Whenever it says "seen 1 min ago" another project is posted by the hacker


He posted another one...


Wait, what is this hacker thing? I've not looked in this topic in a while.


The hacker could be framing him, putting projects at the right time so everyone would think it was him


Someone hacked the ScotchHop Team. It's COAN


well it could have been someone impersonating him i know


01000011011001010110100101101100011010010110111001 10011100100000011001100110000101101110001000000110100001101 1110 11101000 110010001101111011001110010000001001001001011100100 01010010111000100000011100100110010101110000011011 0001100001011000110110010101101101011001010110111001110100

Is the binary code on the project

Just in case:
Then there were 2 white blocks that were covering the first and last digits of the top line


Maybe, but he's the only one on the OMTL who is "seen just now" but not responding to any one or in a convo.


I can't find the account name. Is the name changed?

Btw how do you know it's coan?


Then there were 2 white blocks that were covering the first and last digits of the top line. Make note of that, too just in case