The Official ScotchHop Team Topic [OPEN] -- Except with a Dramatic Twist!



Why them?
Why yourself?


Ahh.. I see now. Yeah, I had already suspected there was more to..

I changed the.. username..


Right! :smiley: We need to convert it more


I won't be able to convert it likely... I don't know all this other stuff like binary...


Ugh. Daytripper was a song by the beattles saying how long it took for us to find out something

Btw, hacker
I followed the DaDayTripper account you recently made.


Hello dude


Might be a url thingy


Wait a second...
I searched ASCII to see if it meant something... apparently it is a decode type


It says:

I changed theq q ��BaF�Ra77v�&B

I changed the username.. and then there is something else


COAN it's you. It's COAN


Are you completely sure?


Creations of a Noob, don't pretend like it isn't you


He is reading our posts. He's "seen" check has been just now. When it was "1 min" another project was posted COAN


I looked into what ASCII is more, and it seems to use binary...?


Really? Hmmmmm :thinking:
But I'm not exactly sure how it will be used in this case




He's not even responding what the heck. I can see it say seen just now
Why tho why tho



Was it you? Be truthful


It says "seen just now"! Omg wth please respond COAN


I just noticed that the ScotchHop_Team is following me...