The Official ScotchHop Team Topic [OPEN] -- Except with a Dramatic Twist!



Maybe it is a combo of both?

I changed theq q ��BaF�Ra77v�&B

I changed the username?..

It lines up perfectly!

@Gobli09, how'd you get this?


i think i might know who it is...


Who do you think? Don't tag them tho


Binary to text, turns out it's ascii, ascii to text, that comes up


Hmm.....that's a posibility


wow great job Gobli!
So u are intersted about math?
@Gobli09 and @Jonnygamer i'm going to delete the name of the person just to make sure k?


Of course! Math is my favorite subject in school

Yeah you can delete the name


u might like our math club...
or are u in it alreDy? oh well
i should Get on topic


MatHS Team? I'm in it already....



oh okay I'm thinking anout other posiible users i don't wanna accuse them because I know how it feels when u are accused of sth that u didn't d..
(I've been done that 2 times both someone naming a collab account my fan account..)


This doesn't matter but I'm going to give the hacker a free ticket to his hacking world. He can go through all these accounts I made and jump around in them

Hacker here's your ticket I hope you enjoy it :tickets:

Username: Someonesomething
Password: Someonesomething


Let's do it nicely
If they didn't do it we don't want them to feel like everyone hates them for something they didn't do


The hacker signs his name as:


And we need to figure out this:

I changed theq q ��BaF�Ra77v�&B


Do you think t1 can track all of the people who have read this page? It's a setting in other discourse forums


maybe not cause this is a child's forum...


What if the person doesn't have an account, and/or he masked his ip adress?


It shows everyone's account name. Here's a pic:

Btw, jojodude was seen since May10


Maybe not..


lol nice one i went into the second one to maybe find messages that the have left but there were none...


wait u do discourse as well!
me 2 om GOT