The Official ScotchHop Team Topic [OPEN] -- Except with a Dramatic Twist!




Oh gosh I almost forgot about that!
I need to see the solar eclipse too, if I can


Wait… TRIAL?


Gobli, what do you MEAN, “trial”?


It’s not like a court trial…
On CielingFan the hacker hosted the ‘trials’, which are made up of ciphers and riddles…The fifth trial showed the hacker’s roblox (Which was OribiJaguarBlueWinfx) … communication outside of the forum isn’t allowed so we stopped talking about the trials over there

Yeah…about eleven people are in the trials and we solve them in my GT


Can I have a link? To your GT?




Hacker still gonna hack.. :confused:


Honestly, I still think that Annular Eclipses are better,


How does that make sense?


I honestly have no idea


When the moon passes in front of the sun at just the right angle or something…


Ooooh, kind of like lining up perfectly? All of the planets in the solar system do something like that (not exactly, but veeery close). That last good one took place in like 500BC and the next one will take place in 2800. If you just want them within a 30° gap of each other, that takes place every 500 years


Well an annualer eclipse happens every year…because only two more hinge have to align…


Ooh the eclipse is going to be really big in my town so everyone’s been told to stock up on food and water, because there’s no way anyone will be able to get to the store with all the traffic, and we’re supposed to be low on water… wheeee… :stuck_out_tongue:




Yeah total eclipse
Coming thru usa


I did not know that.

I live in Illinois so I should.


total eclipse was awesome my dudes
can’t wait for the next


Oh yeah! 2024 here we come!
(Did you see the totality? I got to see 79% it was sweet)


I got to see 98.6% it lit