The Official ScotchHop Team Topic [OPEN] -- Except with a Dramatic Twist!



This is the Official ScotchHop Team Topic
If you get tagged it was probably a new project!


More coming soon…
Also, we are resolving the issue with hacker currently…

Scotch Hop Team Tag List

Add yourself and you will be tagged for a few new projects!

This collab is open to everyone and our job is to change HS! Join with us and code.

Add yourself to the @ScotchHopTeam!

ScotchHop Team collab

It is a collab? This is so cool,, the name "ScotchHop". I'll keep up to date with this,


Yes! Do you have HS, if you want to you can join...
We have been featured 3 times in the last month


Yes, and definitely..!

That is really impressive holy cow,,.




Are u still here?
I will give you the password


Do you have it?
If you do congratulations!


Yes, thank you! Your projects are amazing :000


You can draw, code, just keep the remixes down
I also have a art pad that you can play with and edit


Thank you so much :00


Are you a good drawer?
I'm ok...


I don't really know, but look at my pfp.

Here are some recent drawings, not much detail:


Oh, so you are a good drawer...
Draw something for us on HS would ya!


What should I draw? And tank you!


Hiyee! I'm not exactly sure what this is about, but I'd love to join! I'm really big on joining clubs.


Anything you want...
Just cool stuff


I need to know what cool stuff (╹◡╹)


Like some of those old drawings you showed me


Could I join?!
I have been following you guys


Yes you can!
You are a good drawer right?
I have to ask this question every time.... it's a policy lol