The Official Presidential *friendly* debate! (This will be made into a project) Current votes: Hillary at 46, Trump at 12 and Carson at 13 and Bernie at 16! Get your vote in now!



Welcome viewers to the new Official Presidential debate! Please do not post on this topic, as may cause anger... Anyway, vote yourself away to reveal the next president!!! Oh and by the way, I am your news reporter, JonnyGamer. Please stay tuned and read the reports. Thanks! (That means kindly activate your alerts button at the bottom) (don't flag this b/c it is for a project)

  • Donald Trump
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Marco Rubio
  • Ted Cruz
  • Ben Carson
  • Jeb Bush



Welcome to the presidential vote! I'm your news reporter, JonnyGamer. This has now started and we will see the votes soon. In the meantime, please do not reply to this, which actually voting doesn't have replies. Anyway, it is time to vote!


There are currently 3 voters! Trump is in the lead at 66.6 percent, while Bernie lingers behind at 33.3. Get your vote in before it's too late!


The fourth vote goes to Hillary Clinton! As of now, the votes will be either of this three candadites. This will be a tense election, people, so get your voting in!


Ted Cruz join the show, triple tieing up with Hillary and Bernie. Trump, still in the lead, may be dethroned soon..


The sixth vote makes trump and Hillary tied in the lead, this will be a nasty battle. Who will win? Bernie and Cruz longer behind waiting for their turn to attack...


Here we are, folks! The seventh vote has been cast and Jeb Bush joins the debate! Hillary and Trump are still fighting for the lead. Vote for these two to see who will come in front! Meanwhile, the rest of the candadites are following close behind. This will be a very intense battl- I mean election between the democrats and the republicans. Just one vote can change everything...


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Things have been pretty slow lately. Votes must come, people!! Anyway, Ben Carson has just been voted for, making everyone relatively close to each other. Remember, one vote can change the entire outcome...
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And now, have you ever wanted to buy a yacht???....


There are ten votes!!! Hillary pushes into the lead as trump tries not to be dethroned. Hillary is at 40, trump at 20, the rest at 10 or zero. (Rubio isn't getting much attention) Get your vote in today so your favorite will win!


Donald Trump FTW


@JonnyGamer this is not a good idea, hopscotch is for hopscotch is for coding and not for politics. Although the idea has some validity polotics have no place here.


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There are eleven votes! Hillary deepens her lead as trump and Carson are trapped in a second place position. Who will battle this one out? Will Hillary make her lead further? Is Rubio not going to get ANY votes?


Sorry, I was going to make a project. I advised people not to post on this one anyway because there would most likely be fights and stuff. Anyway, did you get your vote in??


ahem... He's 100% right!
Oh no I'm breaking rule to remind you all to stop breaking rule! :astonished:
I'm sorry @JonnyGamer and I'll delete list if you would like! (And I'm the only one for Jeb, once I named a baby snake Jeb, but I'm for anybody as long as they aren't Donald Trump)


As the voting thickens, Hillary makes her lead more and more and more largened. This means that she is 25% on her way to win! (If I calculated that correctly...) I know most people do not want that to happen so...
Get your own vote in now!


The discussion that wasn't actually meant to happen is happening! People are advertising who should win. Are they right? It's your opinion... Get your vote in now, so the US won't be run by a creepo (Totally not directed at Trump)


Another vote for Trump!!! As he pulls away from the behind, Trump states that he will trump over Hillary's lead soon enough. Will that happen? Get your vote in now!!


Trump is catching up with Hillary! Only eleven percent more, if you want him to win. It is your opinion! Anyway, let's talk to Marco Rubio! Marco, are you sad no one has voted for you? "Actually, I'm fine. These are just kids! It's not the real election!" K, what if I told you it was... "Wha wha!!!!!!" And let's get back! Will Trump ACTUALLY trump Hillary, or will she overpower. Let's find out!