The Official Hopscotch Union | Now Accepting Team Members!

(This might've been done many times, IDK! Is it?)

Hello, and welcome to the GRAND OPENING OF...

The Hopscotch Union!

A place where you can fight for change on the forum or on HS! You can fight for anything here, as long as it gets enough votes!

First off, here are the rules!

  1. No inappropriate language or ideas. This is not a flame war topic, neither is it a general topic. If you are going to fight for things here, make sure that it's a good thing to push for.

  2. Make sure your goal is achievable! You can't stop Donald Trump's presidency, you just can't.

  3. You must get enough votes to tag a team member for their feedback. Team members will say if they approve, and if more than 3/4 of the team approves, then you may tag a team member.

If anyone has anymore rules, add them here!

Now accepting team members! Say if you want to be one!

Team Members (Up to 10 only!)


Success Stories

None yet ;-;



Pls don't make one like this until another one ends.

This is not meant to be amusing... sooooooooo....

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What do you mean?

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There Is another one like this going on. Please start this when the other one ends.

I'll join @NeoPixel

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Can I join the union please

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Could I join?? I'd be as active as possible! :sweat_smile: