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What my idea is:

First of all, I would like to say that the forum here is awesome, I have done at least two collabs and I have made a lot of new friends, but I think we should have something JUST for questions and answers about Hopscotch. So I suggest that we run the Hopscotch Stack Exchange. For those of you who are new to Stack Exchange <-------- Stack Exchange website

I want to start our own Stack Exchange community! I think this would be great for people who just have questions about Hopscotch coding, subscriptions. troubleshooting, and more. Plus, I think it might take a light bit of the load off of the THT. We already have a proposal for HS Stack Exchange. We just need help voting and asking questions for it.

But I need your help:

Stack Exchange communities can only be built if we have enough passionate people building them. I need at least 150 passionate people helping build this or it will not work.

Here is how you join:

Just click on the link And follow the proposal, then ask questions and upvote questions. Start discussion

You can help even more by posting this on your website:
Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Hopscotch


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Unpopular Opinions topic

This is really cool, but wouldn’t it be communication outside of the forum?


Yeah, @hyperactive_fox is right - if we’re making a Stack Exchange community, it may be found by The Hopscotch Team, and every member who’s spoken in it has a chance of being suspended here on this forum.


That’s true. We could make a Q&A topic though so the forum isn’t littered with simple questions!


@Rawrbear Oh, ok, just a minute, I need to try to get support from the Hopscotch team


@Rawrbear @hyperactive_fox Ok, great idea! How about we make a Hopscotch Wiki! On Hopscotch Forum


You can ask questions about Hopscotch on stackoverflow, there is a dedicated tag for it. I’ve done it a few times. And I don’t really think it would be communication outside of the forum, because it would be moderated, and you couldn’t chat.


No, that’s what this forum is about! :)


Okay! But I think we should look around a little bit first, and if fa topic we found is old, revive it!


A few people have tried that before, I think the most popular was this one:


Really? I haven’t done much Stack Overflow, so I wouldn’t know how moderation works. Are there public mods across all Stack Overflow subjects or something? (Yes, that’s definitely a pain for the mods, but it’s the only thing I can really think of besides paying for mods or promoting kids.)


@BuildASnowman That is outside of this forum


Isn’t asking questions about Hopscotch the point of the Hopscotch forums?


But people sometimes just trash the forum for no reason sometimes, and when people tell them to SYBP, they just say they didn’t know. But I get your point. This is what the forum was made for, so Hopscotch itself wouldn’t be so cluttered.


Right, I was in the development process of that wiki. There’s not really communication there, so I believe that’s an exception?


Well, there are the admins, who are employed by and work for StackExchange, who moderate everything. And then every community has mods which are elected in a pretty complicated process that I won’t go into here - they act as leaders did on here.


Yes, that’s exactly what I thought - why Stack Overflow when this forum exists? It’s just a bit overkill, in my opinion.


@BuildASnowman In Stack Exchange, the people who create the community moderates it.


Nope! I believe that happens in some cases, but when you propose something on Area 51, once it get’s into beta stages, moderators are elected based on who is the most active. From then on, every year new moderators are elected based on community vote (kinda).


@Rawrbear @MR.GAM3R Do you guys see ANY questions on this forum? Go take a look and then come back and tell me what you have found.