The Official Hopscotch Playlist!



Hey guys! So, I know most people listen to music when they play Hopscotch, right? So let’s make an inspiring playlist for all coders!


  1. No Explicit Content - dr.ugs bad words, implying lyrics, etc.
  2. I know a lot of people like screamo, but we just can’t do that.
  3. I also know that many people like K-Pop, even I do (4minute is just amazing) but we can’t have k-pop in it either.
  4. The song or album must be on Spotify.
  5. You may suggest up to 5 songs and 2 albums. They may not be added, but they likely will.

I will make it collaborative, too. The account is 997328, I just used random numbers. I have a few collaborative playlists, but the playlist for HS will be called “The Official Hopscotch Playlist!”

Songs in the Playlist:

  • Cheap Trills by Sia feat. Sean Paul
  • Heathens by Twenty One Pilots
  • #1 in Heaven by MNDR
  • Bang Bang Bang! Mark Ronson and the Buisness intl. Featuring MNDR
  • Born to Break by Robert deLong featuring MNDR
  • Don’t Wait Up by Robert deLong
  • The Love Club by Lorde
  • Running With The Wolves by Aurora

Albums in the Playlist:

  • Twenty One Pilots by Twenty One Pilots (xD)
  • High School Musical by The Cast Of High School Musical
  • Trench by Twenty One Pilots


Twenty one pilots by Twenty two pilots. XD
First reply! <- This is a trend...


Can you put don't let me down by Daya.


All songs have been added.


Can you put Cheap Trills by Sia feat. Sean Paul on the playlist?

When you want to put Taylor Swift, but then you remember, she took her music off of Spotify.:sleepy:


geometrical dominator by waterflame
(if you play geometry dash you know what it is)


Please put down running with the wolves by Aurora and The Love Club by Lorde


I LOVE Aurora and Lorde. I like Conqueror a ton, RWTW is good too.


Please put Stole The Show by Kygo






One call away.


Guise listen to this magic

0:00-2:00 is the best part


Vienna Ditto: La Ñina Blanca


It's not actually in Spanish lol


Moar songs

Fried chicken song


@Sparkczy New Americana by Halsey?


Ugh I know, I don't understand why she did that ;-;


Halsey is actually my wife, she just doesn't know it yet. I'll add it.

Also, Tokyo Narita is SO BEAUTIFUL.


Do you think you could add Not Today by tøp?


Yeah! I might just add Blurryface...

Idk but I'll do that later