The Official Collab Topic



Here you can enter collabs, make collabs, and create collab accounts!
If you want to collab with someone, put up an advertisment! Example:
I like fairytale games and quizes. People suggested for this collab: @everyone and @everyone do you want to join?





I believe that there is already a topic for this, and @everyone doesn't tag anyone :blush:


I know, that was an example, and i searched it and nothing popped up.


Okay! Just making sure you knew XD
I used to think @everyone tagged everyone XD


Maybe not use the FMTL in every topic you make?

Some people might get annoyed. D:

Just a suggestion, you don't need to. :)


Sorry, I wont do it anymore.


You can do it! I didn't mean for you to stop doing it!

Only do it if it seems like your topic is being ignored! D:



No of course! I just strated the forum, so I like advice! @Pingu


BUMPING UP! This is a great topic!
And @BrokenTime, can you link your topic?


nah, i am not going to care... :stuck_out_tongue:


ur welcomes


Okey! ^-^
This topic could be really useful to some people.