The [official?] Autumn-Winter Contest!


What about being a judge ?


Can I be a Judge?

Just asking.


Yep sure fren




@CreativeCoder @Dude73 judges ?


Sure, I'll be a judge, it sounds fun! :D
I can also do a drawing request for the winner, if you want me to. :smile:


This is my Entry.


I would love to help judge :smiley: Tag me when you need me to do the judging


Sure, I'd love to give follows to the winners! :D

Thank you so much for tagging me!


What kind of project should we make? It says it's a fall contest in the title but it doesn't say anything about fall in the topic.


Guys one more thing !

It can be any projects except that it hasn't been on featured you will get higher points if it's about autumn/Halloween/winter