The [official?] Autumn-Winter Contest!


So yeah you know the hs team normally has contests but I dunno if they will have them this year !
But I want to do a OFFICIAL contest.


Be nice to competitors
If you copy codes give credit
If you are quitting tell before you do


@Liza would you mind giving the first place a title ?
@CreationsOfaNoob @KVJ @Maltese @Dude73 @Creativecoder would you mind if you will follow the first place and second place
First place:
Shoutouts from me
A trail art request
A follow from @KVJ @Dude73

Second place:
Shoutouts from me
A trail art request
Follow from @KVJ @Dude73

3rd place:
A shoutout

post projects when you are done



@BuildASnowman @Gilbert189 @SmilingSnowflakes @Pingu @KVJ @Madi_Hopscotch_ @Maltese ?

How we judge

Creativity /50
Originality. /50
Background /50
Idea. /50
Try /25
Totall: ???/225

You don't have to tell me if you want to join join freely !

I know this isn't official but I would like it to be,,,,.... just my opinion

Plus if can be any project of yours from anytime except if it has been on featured or has 1000+ likes, You will get higher points if it's about autumn/winter/Halloween


Ok thanks I just wanna hang you right now
Is everything ok at your new school ?


I do not mind in the slightest.


Ok thanks I wanna hang you too


You mean



Why you wanna hang me? :0



Seriously I knew you were kidding!

@SmilingMoons i am the student council and i am shortlisted for house captain



Well Done :D



I'd love to follow the winners, thank you so much for tagging me! :smile:


You are welcome cause u are amazing


Can you not?

20 characters


Can you not what ?
@SmilingMoons @KVJ instead of hang you I mean hag you oops


Both of those are not very nice words.


@Dudey will you be a judge ?


I meant hug you omg my auto correct !


It makes me wonder why that is even in your auto-correct.


Hang out.

That is probably why it's in her autocorrect.



You see what I mean..



Guys GBOT.


I only follow specific people that I want to, I can't promise following the winners. Sorry...