The Offical AMA/Q&A of the Forum! :D



Ok so the forum is about hopscotch

Though you can't just get help on using the forum
So here you post about THE FORUM
now your wondering
Yeah so you make a summary called whatever you want your topic to be called
And in there you put everything and you edit with replying to the topic on this form
Username: Date:

And yeah post your topics here

Welcome to this forum

Welcome to the HS forum in a forum
Here post topics about the HS forum!
Goodbye from Me the potatoe


This makes no sense. :0


Sorry, but this is copying my idea of the Global Edit Forum Inside the Forum topic. I'll get a link in a sec.


I think this topic is similar to


I did try to do no detail
So here it is
So if you don't know something about the forum you post a top I here doing the instructions and yeah you can also reply


Not just similar, exactly the same!


Oh I never saw it
I'll recycle for the 1 millionth time


I think @HopedHoper's forum is specifically about THE FORUM


It's okay, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings! :slight_smile:
I'm really sorry!


Well, that's true I guess.


No you didn't hurt my feelings
I've just had to recycle loads of times


Oh, okay!
Need help coming up with a topic idea?


Well I could make a welcome topic!


How about an AMA topic, if you don't already have one!


Oh wait I thought you meant about this forum
Do you mean about this forum or a new topic for recycling this


Bye gtg now